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Brighten Up My Life marks 30 years for The Stunning

The Stunning are releasing ‘Brighten Up My Life’, 24 years after their last official single release.

The Stunning. Photo: Graham Smith
The Stunning. Photo: Graham Smith

Italia 90. Female presidents. A few popes. iPods.

There’s been a hell of a lot that’s happened in the last 30 years in Irish culture and all the while, The Stunning have been there. Even before Joxer went to Stuttgart, The Stunning were there.

1993 saw their last single release too, Tightrope Walker. So, yeah, it’s been a while.

Flash forward to the present day and The Stunning are back with new music and new gigs.

Brighten Up My Life is what would happen if you put Marc Bolan of T-Rex into a room with The Black Keys and then the White Stripes joined the party. Maybe even Primal Scream stopped by for a drink. That sounds like the makings of a fairly good session, at least if the presser is anything to go by.

But the track does hark back to it’s 90s roots with a real healthy smathering of Black Keys-esque guitar riffs that keep the chorus tightly locked and loaded.

The Stunning, Brighten Up My Life

The Stunning, Brighten Up My Life

With the new single, comes a new(ish) album that will surely be welcome news to any fans of the band.

1992’s Once Around The World is getting a revisioning and re-release. The album that spawned the likes of Heads are Gonna Roll and Everything that Rises will hit the shelves this year under the slightly updated name of Twice Around The World, with Brighten Up My Life in as a bonus track.

Oh, and if you fancy catching the band live this summer, you’ll find them at the Doolin Folk Festival (6/6), Leopardstown Racecourse (26/7) and the Mungret Music Festival in Limerick (26/8).

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