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James Vincent McMorrow: True Care

Breaking the cycle, James Vincent McMorrow is back with a brand new album, out this week.

James Vincent McMorrow is back. New album, new story.

True Care is streaming from today via YouTube (with the above lyric video) and at his official website. Sure, he’s “bummed it isn’t” on streaming services yet, but with the full album out this Friday, I don’t think people are going to mind.

Already, with the ‘statement’ running on the JVM website, he sounds on to a winner.

“Thereʼs parts where youʼll listen and think ‘did that go out of time for a second?ʼ.. the answer is most probably yes, it did. Lot of one takes with no click tracks, in a room moving from sound to sound, idea to idea.”

“I wasnʼt doing any of that because i was trying to reconnect with some mystical romantic notion of making music though. Fuck that. A) Itʼs 2017, and b) for my entire career iʼve made music on my laptop.”

“Iʼve never understood that musical desire for nostalgia. The people you love from the past, they were looking forward…”

“But it was my mistake. Iʼm not built to play that game. So why was I playing it? Iʼm built to create and to perform. Thatʼs it. So now iʼm just choosing to ignore that game, do things my way…”

With the album out this weekend, there’s only one Irish date confirmed for the next two months with JVM on a Stateside tour from 3 June. So far, he’ll play Dublin’s Trinity College on 7 July as part of a handful of European dates before legging it back to the US for August.

James Vincent McMorrow's 'True Care'

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