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Joan Shelley releases self-titled followup to Over and Even on No Quarter

Kentucky songwriter Joan Shelley releases her latest endeavour, ‘Joan Shelley’, on 5 May with Nathan Salsburg on board and Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy producing.

Joan Shelley. Photo: Ebru Yildiz/No Quarter
Joan Shelley. Photo: Ebru Yildiz/No Quarter

It’s a tricky thing to go to the Kilkenny Roots Festival and leave without buying something from an artist on the bill.

In my case, having seen Joan Shelley perform with Nathan Salsburg at Billy Byrne’s on the Saturday of 2017’s festival, there was no chance of me leaving the venue without a copy of her new self-titled album on vinyl.

Officially not on sale until next weekend, advance copies hit the merch stands immediately after her 3pm and there’s no hesitation in parting with the €20 to make the album part of a growing collection of vinyl in the house.

Recorded at The Loft in Chicago with Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy producing, the album features Nathan Salsburg (touring) along with further input from Jeff Tweedy, Spencer Tweedy and James Elkington.

Much like its live performance, the album listen is sweet and subtle, flipping from heartache to joyous notes and back again. I’m pretty sure she adlibs “you’ve (Irish) got a real high tolerance for sad songs” midway through her set.

The perfect Sunday morning tunes to wash away the gigs of the night before.

Standout tracks: If the Storms Never Came, Wild Indifference

Joan Shelley Tracklist

  1. We’d Be Home
  2. If The Storms Never Came
  3. Where I’ll Find You
  4. I Got What I Wanted
  5. Even Though
  6. I Didn’t Know
  7. Go Wild
  8. The Push and Pull
  9. Pull Me Up One More Time
  10. Wild Indifference
  11. Isn’t That Enough

Joan Shelley is released on No Quarter on 5 May 2017.

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